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Douglass Colony Group

Construction Project Manager

Denver, CO

The role of the Project Manager is to handle all operations with regard to correspondence between Project Managers, Superintendents, and Owners.  The Project Manager assumes all field management responsibilities.


  • Review Project drawings and specifications before being submitted to the Superintendents.

  • Document existing field conditions.

  • Prepare and submit warranty registration documents before starting the job.

  • Prepare and schedule In-House and On-Site preconstruction meetings.

  • Assist superintendents with managing subcontractors.

  • Complete weekly schedules.

  • Generate RFI's and Cost Change Requests.

  • Prepare weekly Labor Reports.

  • Prepare and submit monthly billings to accounting.

  • Order materials for change orders or shortages.

  • Reconcile schedule of values with GC.

  • Review change requests for approval.

  • Visit jobs weekly.

  • Evaluate Jobsite safety, quality, and performance.

  • Document project issues and damages.

  • Post-Project Review, evaluation, and lesson learned.



Pre-Construction Consultant

Fabio Ospino Consultanting

Denver, CO


  • Provide comprehensive pre-construction management consulting services for a multi-million dollar project of 40+ cineplex in a Design-Build scenario.

  • Develop the project charter with the owner representative, setting expectations, and defining the scope of work.

  • Identify and interview possible stakeholders responsible for the architectural and engineering process based on the AMC entertainment model of Cineplex.

  • Assist the client in facilitating and coordinating the pre-construction process to mitigate complex problems.

  • Providing effective project leadership in project controls, CPM scheduling, and specialty division procurement.

  • Pre-approving audio-visual, acoustical and set design consultants to perform the scope of work, and coordinate with the architectural and engineering teams to implement their specifications into the project.




Controls Consultant

Engineering Procurement & Construction

Golden, CO


  • Provide support in the programming, scheduling, and execution of a natural gas treatment prototype, a membrane purification package, and a compression, storage and dispensing skid to purify hydrogen gas to meet fuel cell quality requirements.

  • Schedule all project activities in MS Projects.

  • Coordinate with stakeholders and team members all procurement requirements for all stages of the project.

  • Maintain a schedule of activities, critical path, resources, and procurement based on the Project Management Plan. 




Associate Studio Director

Humphries Poli Architects

Denver, CO

  • Guaranteeing the appropriateness use of resources for all projects to meet established deadlines and monitors project team members to ensure high levels of productivity.

  • Responsible for developing uniformly high production standards and monitoring projects to ensure that quality and production standards are met for all design and contract documents.

  • Ability to work independently, while establishing success criteria and milestones for the studio.  Responsible for internal personnel management, budgeting and billing duties.

  • Day-to-day mentorship and management of the architectural team.

  • Develops and manages project schedule and milestones to ensure projects are on time. 

  • Monitors project budget.

  • Conducts weekly team meetings with staff and other key project team members to go over key compliance, financial, schedule and operational milestones

  • Partners with architects and principles to ensure conformance with architecture standards’ checklist requirements specific to each project design phase.

  • Assist any project in the development of SD, DD, CD and CA.

  • Assist with quality assurance review of the project deliverables.

  • Manages and monitors scope and ensures execution and delivery based on executed proposal or contract.

  • Analyze, manage and mitigate risk by assisting Project Managers during the design and budgeting process of a project

  • Obtain cost information and cost analysis for proper decision-making.

  • Schedule weekly OAC meetings to discuss design and construction issues.

  • Assist the estimator with the preparation of construction estimates.

  • Communicate with clients as well as effectively lead the trades.

  • Mentoring from Project Architects to student interns.

2009- 2017


Project Manager

Interactive Development Company  

Los Angeles, CA / Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Responsible for supervising the delivery of critical projects offering managerial support for all ongoing projects in the company. Accountable for delivering weekly schedule and technical updates to keep the project on budget and schedule.


  • Monitors project progress about the planning, timing, and budgeting providing weekly status to higher management

  • Communicate with sub-contractors and all construction professionals involved in the project to support them in maintaining the project schedule.

  • Accountable for estimating and planning projects

  • Prepare comprehensive and concise project progress reports.

  • Accountable to coordinate the different sources to obtain the best value for the project

  • Preparing biding and initial construction documentation

  • Ensuring Project Key Performance indicators are maintained and completed

  • Identify, develop, oversee and process any contract modifications

  • Responsible for tracking activities for standard and nonstandard work

  • Coordinate updating plans to include any approved change

  • Coordinate construction financial reports

  • Responsible for monitoring budgets against project expenditure

  • Facilitate Project Steering and Operating Committees goals



Key Projects from Career:


  • 3060 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO

  • Modera Lo-Hi, Denver, CO

  • Modera Wash Park, CO

  • 6900 Layton, Denver, CO

  • Encompass Health, Littleton, CO

  • Centennial Airport, CO

  • Parker Automart, Parker, CO

  • Canvas Credit Union, Thorton, CO

  • Canvas Credit Union, Parker, CO

  • Ball COB, Broomfield, CO

  • King Soopers 98, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Mix used  (Denver, CO)

  • Mancos School Renovation (Mancos, CO)

  • The Community Library (Ketchum, ID)

  • Edgewater Civic Center (Denver, CO)

  • The Community Library (Ketchum, ID)

  • South Burlington Library (S. Burlington, VT)

  • Glenrock Library (Glenrock, WY)

  • Lyons Library (Lyons, CO)

  • Inspire Elementary School (Denver, CO)

  • Abuzinadah Residence (FL)

  • SCECO (Saudi Electricity Company) (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • MOMRA HQ (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Wadi Laban Compound (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Prince Mugrin Bin Abdulaziz Compound (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Bandar Bin Mugrim Palace (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Lamia Bin Mugrin Palace (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Al Rasheed Palace (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Al Gharbiyah Farm (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Riyadh Bank – Smart Branches (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • CITC  (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Riyad Bank (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Adama Hospital (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Sabic Learning Center (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Jeraisy Riyadh House (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Jeraisy Factory Offices (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Ministry of Information (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Pepsi Headquarters Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Qaser Al Salam Farm (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Princess Noura University (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Specialized Medical Center Hospital -SMC - (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Teyf Al Asema Compound (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

  • Waldorf Astoria -RAK (UAE)

  • Beschinar Compound (Uzbekistan)

  • Private Villa (Uzbekistan)

  • Commercial Building (Uzbekistan)

  • Costa Brava Residence (Spain)

  • Aljomaih Residence Villa 1 (France)

  • Aljomaih Residence Villa 2 (France)

  • Aljomaih Residence Villa 3 (France)

  • Divonne Villa (France)

  • Al Tuajeri Villa (France)

  • Divonne Apartments (France)

  • Le Diplomat Restaurant, La Brea, CA

  • Irani Residence, Los Angeles, CA

  • Que Past Restaurant, Long Beach, CA




  • Business Development

  • Architecture

  • Interior Design

  • Furniture Development & Purchasing

  • Project Manager

  • Site Manager

  • Procurement & Logistic Manager

  • Scheduler

  • Specifications Specialist

  • Client Representative


“Whatever we do must be in accord with human nature.  We cannot drive people; we must direct their development.”
Henry Gantt
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